Green light for redevelopment De Aarhof

Partly due to an intensive process with a group of specialists and advisors, SB Real Estate is able to continue with the redevelopment of De Aarhof shopping centre. The flexibility of the plan enables the compensation of current market developments through smart optimisations without having to make concessions to quality and urban planning starting points.

The ‘extreme makeover’ of De Aarhof will transform the function of the shopping centre into a more everyday one by the addition of a second supermarket and various fresh food shops. And the first hour and a half of free parking, already realised, is an important step in this redevelopment. Plus, more than 300 homes for a range of target groups will be added to the complex.

So, filled with enthusiasm, SB Real Estate is headed towards the next milestone: the permit application around the middle of this year.

Renovation Aarhof costs more than 100 million euros, but there will be new shops and 300 homes: ‘Go ahead’ | Don’t miss these stories from Groene Hart | (only in Dutch)