From now on, Glow Real Estate will be Everglow Real Estate.

Precisely four years ago, Heino Vink and Marcel Kokkeel set up a business under the name Glow Real Estate. There were also a number of activities carried out under the name Everglow Real Estate.

Now that we have several strong partners and clients (such as HAL Investments, HighBrook and Mitiska) on our side, we’re no longer a start-up. We have 17 enthusiastic professionals and we’re ready for the next step. As of January 2023, all current activities will be brought together under one name: Everglow.

New Everglow website live!

Today, the new Everglow website goes live, in our equally new house style. Take a look to see which partners and clients we work with and for, and how we provide them with added value: how, with HAL – under the name SB – we are giving outdated shopping centres a new future with the addition of a substantial number of homes, how we contribute to The Collection and are realising and rolling out a high-end office concept in Amsterdam and how we are making outdated retail parks future resistant, together with Mitiska.  Also, how we are realising affordable homes for starters with an innovative housing concept – ‘House of…’.

Meet the team that has a mixture of seniority and the next generation. And let’s set a date to catch up or get acquainted!

Creating new context

Everglow gives new meaning to locations. We dust off forgotten property and breathe new life into it with the maximum of focus on user experience and convenience. Special locations that deserve better. Everglow transforms property and areas with its distinctive concepts for housing, work and shopping. Extreme make-overs that can only be resolved in a multidisciplinary way. Everglow brings together creativity, capital and people to create a sustainable urban context with added experience value – on our own initiative, in collaboration or by commission.

Looking forward to 2023!

We can see them already! All those opportunities and possibilities that 2023 has to offer. With a healthy impatience and a growing team of enthusiastic professionals, we will be doing our bit to make the Netherlands a little more beautiful this year too. Who knows? Maybe with you (again).